Edward Gray I


B: Stapleford Tawney (Essex) England

MD: Plymouth Colony Massachusetts

Gentleman/Merchant/Pocasset Purchase Proprietor

Sp: #1 Mary Winslow

Sp: #2  Dorothy Lettice







Ch by Mary Winslow: (5)

Desire                       Mary                        Elizabeth                        Sarah                         John      

1651-1690                    1653-1705                           1657-1721                            1659-1737                        1661- 1732

sp: N. Southworth         sp: T. Hungerford           sp: Rev. S. Arnold                     sp: A. Morton                    sp: J. Morton

BMD: Plymouth             MD: Middlesex, CT           BMD: Plymouth                       sp: S. Little                    BMD: Plymouth

                                                                                                                              D: Bristol, MA


Ch by Dorothy Lettice: (8)

    Susanna                    Rebecca                       Thomas                      Hannah                     Anna                   

  1668-1727                              1674-1731                           1669-1721                           1673-?                            1671-?

  BMD: Plymouth                    BMD: Plymouth                  Sp:#1 Anna Little                                                  Sp: __Richmond

Sp: John Cole                        Sp: Ephraim Cole                Sp #2 Phoebe Peckham

                                                                                            Sp #3 Phoebe Murdock?

                                                                                            Merchant at Newport, R.I.



    Lydia                                                   Samuel                                                    Edward II    

1677-1771                                                              1682-1712                                                                1666-1726

MD: Little Compton, (Newport) R.I.                MD: Little Compton, R.I.                                   Gentleman/Merchant/Shipper

Sp: Caleb Loring                                                Sp: Deborah Church                                          Sp #1 Mary Smith

                                                                                                                                                 Sp #2 Mary Manchester

                                                                                                                                                     M#2 & D: Tiverton, R.I.






Children by Mary Manchester: (4)

John                                    Lydia                           William                                           Samuel

1712-?                                          1714-?                                 1716-1765                                                   1718-1770

of Tiverton, R.I.                       Sp: J. Bennet                        BMD: Tiverton, R.I.                                  Sp: Lois Sampson   

                                                  of Tiverton                         Father of Capt Robt                                First Casualty of the

                                                                                           Gray, discoverer of the                              Revolutionary War

                                                                                               Columbia River 


Children by Mary Smith: ( 8)

Mary      Elizabeth       Sarah           Phebe         Phillip         Hannah        Thomas     Edward III         

1691          1694                 1697-1770          1699-?            1701-1763        1707-1778         1703-1774         1693-1722 

sp: J.          sp: A.               sp: S. Bradford    sp: J.              BMD: Tiverton    BMD: Tiverton   BMD:                  OUR LINE

Bennet       Anthony of      Mother of Wm    Manchester-     Sp: Sarah Cory   Sp: Philip Cory  Tiverton

Of               Portsmouth     Bradford, Gov   Grandmother      Father of Col.                              Sp:#1 S.Bennet        I

Tiverton                                    Of R.I.              of our             Pardon Gray                             Sp: #2 E. Sweet

                                                                    Gorsuch line                                                                                            I